Dear everyone associated with the Get Togethers,

The first Get Together was held in CultureClub in November, 2005. Since then there have been 137 gatherings, the last one, on March 26, featuring a passionate and fascinating talk on Ecuador, given by Lisset.

Unfortunately, the number attending, 19, was a long way below that expected or merited by the excellence of the talk. Recently the numerical trend has been downwards which means it is probably time to finish what has been a wonderful venture.

To put this decision into some sort of perspective it must be remembered why the Get Togethers were started. It was to give the students of la Sociedad Hispanica, as well as other students of Spanish, an opportunity to practise the language, hopefully in the company of good or even fluent speakers of Spanish. What has been noticeable recently is that this educative component of the role has diminished, whilst the social aspect has increased. Students are now a rarity, whereas competent speakers are the vast majority.

This would be okay except that people now think of the evening as a social event which can be attended at any time. During the first hour, therefore, numbers are sparse, only to be augmented after 8. One can understand this (work and food), but since many have to work next day an early start is seen as imperative. In the not too distant past CultureClub was humming with activity at 7:45 p.m. and a gathering of over 40 people was the norm. This was when people attended because they knew there would be many other attendees. Now some people don’t attend because they think there won’t be enough present to make the evening worthwhile.

The meeting on the 16th of April will therefore be the last that I organize. If anybody else wants to take over, or if Meetup wants to replace us, then please let me know on, or before, that date. This replacement would, of course, be with the agreement of Aruna, the supportive owner of CultureClub. After that meeting I’ll write one last e-mail to thank all the people involved over the last eight and a half years.



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