Mid-term intake 2016/17 – online registration

For those who wants to learn Spanish.  We opened the mid-term intake for Level 1, 2, 3, 5 and Conversation this year, and online registration here.

Level 1 (A1)

The course is mainly an introduction to Spanish language: Pronunciation, greetings, basic concordance of articles and adjectives with noun, beginning of conjugation.  Up to now in the course we have learned the pronunciation, greetings, numbers 1 to 100, some conjugations…

Level 2 (A1)

The course is an introduction to the second part of A1 level Spanish language:  Up to now in the course we have learned to describe a neighbourhood, to express preference, to ask and to say the time, to ask and to inform about public timetable, to talk about weather.

Level 3 (A2)

Intermediate level, this course is suitable for those students who already are familiar with the basic structures of the language and want to further their studies.  The syllabus of the course include basic information about likes and dislikes, food and restaurants, clothes, shopping, daily routine, traveling, how to express opinions, etc.

Level 5 (B1)

The course is beginning with the first part of B1 level Spanish language:  Up to now in the course we have learned to make definitions, to talk about the past, to describe the situation or the circumstances in which there is a fact, narrate facts in the past and to express the cause.

Conversational Level (B2.1)

A course focused on conversation, it provides students with an intermediate level of Spanish the opportunity to practice and continue their learning process.  The textbook used for the course provides a diverse a spectrum of topics and structures that enable easy and natural communication.

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