The Level 1 course is geared toward beginners who have not previously studied Spanish
We obviously start with pronunciation and basic reading, at the time that we learn greetings, introduction of oneself specifying nationality and professions. Then we learn about the house and the family, preferences in the house, describing the family, its members, personality, etc. The days of the week, timetable and finally the things one likes, preferences and so on. The numbers, telephones, address, email, etc. are learned during this first introduction of Spanish language.

The Level 2 course is a continuation of level 1 and introduces further new concepts.
We will continue to reinforce the basics learnt in level 1 and will learn how to talk about likes and dislikes, free time activities, moods and feelings, describing your neighbourhood and where things are located, traveling and getting around the city; describing and talking about the weather and expressing needs and preferences. We will also learn how to describe events and actions in the past.

The Level 3 course is designed for students who have a grasp of the basics of the language but require practice.
Following the textbook Nuevo Ele Actual A2, students will learn how to express wishes, needs, future plans, personal experiences, agreement or disagreement and so on. Vocabulary regarding to clothes, body parts, names of sickness, food… We keep on practicing the name of months and days to say one´s birthday, appointments and descriptions. How to greet, answer and give presents during birthday parties. Past tense and present continuous will be covered as well during this course.

The focus of the Level 4 course is on reading and conversation practice and it is aimed at students who have mastered the basic structure of Spanish.
In this course we will review the simple Past Tense “Pretérito Indefinido”, also learn how to ask favours, and give permission, how to give excuses and apologise, have phone conversations and arrange meetings, make comparisons, ask for information about transport and directions, describe what you did last weekend and give opinions about those past events, describe gifts and objects, in terms of material, shape and colour, and to describe people and places in the past.

Conversational Level – This course is aimed at intermediate-advanced level students who have already completed Spanish 4, or a total of 240 contact hours.  The main objective of this course is to give learners the listening, reading, writing and speaking tools  which will enable them to scaffold these skills into conversational and communicative language at the intermediate-advanced level.  Some of the language structures, lexical content and topics covered are, among others: political, social,economic and cultural topics in Hong Kong, expressing opinions, reality TV, lifestyle, traveling interests, aquaculture, art and sharing our life experiences in the target language.

We do not have our own placement test for the courses. However, you can click here to go to a simple test from the BBC. Try to answer as many questions as possible – they get harder and harder. When you make a mistake, you can check the table below to see which class you should attend.

Questions correct Class level
All correct and all fairly easy

Please note that this is a very approximate test. If you feel that you have been placed in the wrong class, please let one of the committee members know, and we will do our best to move you to another group.