The Level 1 course is geared toward beginners who have not previously studied Spanish while the Level 2 course is a continuation of level 1 and introduces further new concepts.

The Level 3 course is designed for students who have a grasp of the basics of the language but require practice.

The focus of the Level 4 course is on reading and conversation practice and it is aimed at students who have mastered the basic structure of Spanish.

Level 5 is a continuation of level 4 with emphasis on conversation practice.

Advanced Level will be conducted exclusively in Spanish. Students are required to discuss topics within the context of everyday activities and cultural experiences. Speech should include some complex structures and a variety of tenses. Abilities to write using tenses and moods are also required. .

We do not have our own placement test for the courses. However, you can click here to go to a simple test from the BBC. Try to answer as many questions as possible – they get harder and harder. When you make a mistake, you can check the table below to see which class you should attend.

Questions correct Class level
All correct and all fairly easy

Please note that this is a very approximate test. If you feel that you have been placed in the wrong class, please let one of the committee members know, and we will do our best to move you to another group.